Door Kickers 2: Task Force North Has Released Into Steam’s Early Access Program

Door Kickers 2: Task Force North Has Released Into Steam’s Early Access Program
Credit: KillHouse Games via YouTube

It’s here, after a seemingly endless wait; the strategic action-puzzler Door Kickers 2 that is punctuated with riddles of bullets and quagmires of explosions has now released into Steam‘s Early Access program with an escalation of focus from domestic to the international stage.

Granted, that international stage is in a fictional place amusingly called ‘Nowheraki, Middle East’, but you don’t need to have deployed to understand that there are more than a few references to both Baghdad and Afghanistan, readily shifting between sprawling urban shootouts to mountainous terrain for missions that have you defusing explosives and rescuing captives under the guise of the US Army Rangers.

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KillHouse Games has stated that they’re planning on adding multiple organizations to play as, beyond Rangers, that all have their own unique strengths and styles of play.

The freeform action and planning take place in a top-down style as players will need to clear hostile objectives where a single wrong move can spell out an early demise for your team, and offers both single-player and cooperative play if you feel like reliving some of the metaphorical glory days with an old friend.

The original Door Kickers offered a level editor that held promise for being able to recreate past missions, although was a bit difficult and unintuitive to use.

If Door Kickers 2 can fine-tune the level creator to make it a bit friendlier to explore, and considering the current environment that Door Kickers 2 takes place in, you can expect a slew of actual missions to work through from veterans that had boots on the ground in multiple locations.

KillHouse has already stated that they’re looking at offering ‘complete modding control’ to the community, although state that their plans come at the cost of a massive amount of of man-hours necessary to ensure the title is as polished as it can be.

The title is planned to be in the Early Access program on Steam for ’12-16 months’ which puts Door Kickers 2: Task Force North at a currently projected full-release date of late-2021 or early 2022. The title is currently $20, which matches the full price of the original Door Kickers.

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There is currently not a public-facing roadmap concerning what will be implemented into the title at what time; further, as the title has just released on November 3 (yesterday) there also isn’t much in terms of update history. These are two things that should always be looked at when considering buying into an Early Access title.

Thankfully, KillHouse does have a bit of a history in terms of being able to deliver what they say they will with high quality; you might be well surprised by stepping into this title sooner, rather than later.