Door Kickers 2 Has Just Got An Announcement Trailer, Bringing New Mechanics To The Strategic Title

Door Kickers 2 Has Just Got An Announcement Trailer, Bringing New Mechanics To The Strategic Title
Credit: KillHouse Games via YouTube

Door Kickers came out on PC in October of 2014, brought to life by KillHouse Games.  It was a 2D top-down strategic master class, tasking players with controlling a SWAT team and clearing various objectives, from drug houses to hostage situations.  The game absolutely had a steep learning curve as you progressed, and the missions became almost like puzzles as you attempted to bring down hostiles while keeping the SWAT team as safe as plausible.

It instantly became a hit for many, with multiple publications celebrating what Door Kickers did terrifically well; intense strategy.  While the title ultimately went on to the mobile platforms (both Apple and Android), the meat of the updates was seen on PC, eventually bringing about cooperative multiplayer allowing players to clear objectives with their friends.  Mod support was integral to the titles long term success on PC, and the Steam Workshop is filled with support ranging from entirely new arsenals to missions and campaigns.

Door Kickers 2 was announced years ago; so far back that the developers actually responded to the Overwatch outcry about the size and pose of the posterior of their titular character Tracer’s.  Updates on progress, however, have been few and far between, to the point that some were considering Door Kickers 2 as a scrapped project.

Today, all of that changes.  KillHouse Games have brought their announcement trailer live, briefly showcasing some of the new spectacular mechanics that we can expect in Door Kickers 2.    The full title is Door Kickers 2: Task Force North and brings the tactical experience to a brand new area.  While DK1 focused on SWAT teams bringing down hostiles, DK2 will bring players to the commanding role of a Special Forces squad as they parade around the Middle East, eliminating terrorist networks.

While Door Kickers had a decidedly 2D model and a top-down view, Door Kickers 2:Task Force North is actually 3D with the top-down view.  Various weapons will be viewable when equipped by members in the newest iteration of a franchise that has promise, climbing over barricades, and RPG’s screaming past your face all seem to be standard fare for the newest title.  Their Steam store page is now also live, with a tentative release date in early 2020.

Worth noting that it will launch initially in Steam’s Early Access Program, meaning that content could be slim, and bugs could very well be present.  For the more optimistic, however, it means an opportunity to finally speak with the Croatian developers at KillHouse Games to help guide the title to a fantastic launch.

It’s expected that Door Kickers 2: Task Force North will once again bring copious mod support to their title, as they pushed relatively hard for the community to craft their own content with Door Kickers.  So while the game may launch with not much content, it will likely be rapidly filled by the community bringing their own missions, squad members, and arsenal to bear once again.

KillHouse Games said it best in their announcement trailer: finally.  Now might be a great time to PMCS your own private arsenal, and ensure everything is in top shape for when this title finally kicks down the door to Early Access on Steam.