Variable State Has Revealed A New Anthology Drama Called Last Stop, Coming To Xbox Soon

Variable State Has Revealed A New Anthology Drama Called Last Stop, Coming To Xbox Soon
Credit: Xbox Via Youtube

From the creator of the jump-cutting mystery adventure game, Virginia comes Last Stop. This game is being described as a solo third-person “anthology drama” destined to be released on Xbox very soon. It is set in London, and the player controls three very different characters.

It is a game about supernatural investigation and mystery. Not much is known about it, but it is confirmed to be coming to Xbox One in the near future. From what fans know of Variable State, it is sure to be a compelling story surrounding a mystery of the unknown world.

Your three characters could not be more different from each other. You have a school kid called Donna, a man called John, and a mysterious lady called Meena. These characters find themselves intertwined in a mystery beyond their understanding. After witnessing some very strange situations, each of them have their own role to play in solving the mystery at hand.

Donna encounters a man with magical powers. John gets swapped into a different body. Meena seems to be a secret agent of some type. More questions then answers appear as players continue to dig into what little information is publicly available.

So although it is set in the real world, there is a touch of supernatural in the way. This creates a mystery dying to be solved. The developers tease questions on their site, asking “What connects these three strangers?” and “Where will fate lead them?” These questions only go to drive the player’s curiosity even further.

Although not tied to the series, fans are getting a very Doctor Who vibes from the trailer. English voices, sci-fi mischief, and a mystery to be solved; it is no wonder that people are thinking of the show. There sadly is no Doctor, but there is tons of other assets, no doubt, to help guide you to the victory of discovering the unknown.

This game is faithfully being developed in partnership with Annapurna Interactive. It will feature an original soundtrack by BAFTA award-winning composer Lyndon Golland. It holds the same graphical charm that Virginia did, and the engine appears to be running even smoother than before.

Last Stop is a game about secret lives, the ties that bind and how magic can be found in the mundane.” writes Annapurna Interactive. It appears that to get straight answers, fans are simply going to have to wait for a full release in the near future.