Valve Developer Finally Reveals Why We Don’t Have Source 2 Yet For Counter-Strike

Valve Developer Finally Reveals Why We Don’t Have Source 2 Yet For Counter-Strike
Credit: lennonMK via YouTube

If you’ve ever fallen in love with another person, enamored by the way they move and laugh in public almost effortlessly, then watch them kick a puppy and have your brain scrambled, we are thrilled to offer that experience to you yet again.

Although this time with video games instead of puppies.

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The resounding question of Source 2 and its involvement with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been a sticking point for the community for years.

There’s no shame in admitting that there are more than a few issues that seem hellbent on staying firmly rooted within the title, and Valve has seemed to all but gave up on Counter-Strike in the past year alone.

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It’s a rough experience.

Frankly speaking, multiple outlets have been created with vibrant communities entirely around speculation of how soon Source 2 is going to drop, which everyone apparently believes will turn the entire game around and make it far more enjoyable.

This isn’t the case, and whether or not it will ever be is a point of speculation that is precisely that, until Valve offers an official announcement.

One former developer with Valve has offered up on Twitter his perspective of events a decade ago when Valve was trying to bring Source 2 to Counter-Strike, and it’s a dastardly tale of backstabbing and unhinged employees all trying to get the biggest piece of the pie for themselves.

Take note that this was the scene at Valve a decade ago: it’s more than likely that the company has altered for the better since then, but it’s worth taking a glimpse behind the iron curtain from a company that frankly shares very little about what is going on behind the scenes.

Toxicity can alter entire environments, and letting it roam unchecked can result in frustrating experiences that serve as a frank detriment to entire industries.

More interestingly, this paints a different picture of what occurs at Valve, even if it is a decade old; while their handbook tends to revolve around employee agency and creativity, Richard Geldreich notes that it was a soul-crushing environment where everyone was far more interested in taking care of themselves than others.

If Valve had a more standardized workspace, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that we would already be playing Source 2.

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As it stands, however, it’s difficult to deny that the Counter-Strike scene is in dire need of refreshment and attention, or at least Valve paying attention beyond sending mediocre memes on social media.