Travellers Rest Offers Players A Chance To Run Their Own Tavern Later This Month

Travellers Rest Offers Players A Chance To Run Their Own Tavern Later This Month
Credit: Louqou via Youtube

Get ready for a unique experience from Louqou, a one-man development team. Travellers Rest is planning a launch into Steam Early Access as of July 28. After a successful debut during the Steam Summer Game Festival, the developer is excited to release the title to 20,000 wishlist fans.

Take the role of a barkeep. It is your job to fill mugs, bowls, and plates of travelers and heroes. They have a stressful job and it is your task to make sure they get a good night’s rest and a safe respite before continuing on their way.

Start with a rundown empty building and turn it into a bustling social space for heroes to gather. Brew your own beer, run a farm, explore the world, and become a part of this fantasy environment. As you learn about your community, you can build relationships with those around you and become the best inn in the entire land.

This is a happy and cheerful fantasy setting where you will learn about the people who live in it. Meet new people, explore the land, and learn about the lost magic of the world around you. As you discover the world, you will learn new things to brew, farm, cook, and create for this fantasy setting.

Brew beer, make wine, distill spirits and serve a crisp drink to anyone who sits in your inn. As you discover and craft tons of different food, drink, and items you can gain experience and level-up further.

As you fill their stomach and quench their thirst you must manage the environment that they stay in. Decorate your bar with entertainment, furniture, and more. It is your tavern and therefore your job to make this your dream bar.

Create a community in your inn as you serve them drinks and provide them rooms. Send adventurers on quests and spread rumors. It is up to you to know your regulars and become a true icon in their local community.

Farm the surrounding land and craft ingredients to better your tavern experience. Manage your tavern to meet the needs of customers as you prepare for special events and help manage the latest crazes.

This is a tavern simulator unlike any other. Experience a unique perspective in a fantasy world where instead of being the adventurer, you are the giver of quest and the home for those who have none.

Travellers Rest comes from Louqou and it is set to release on July 28.