Gen.G Dominated Team Dynamics In Week 4 Of League Champions Korea Summer Split

Gen.G Dominated Team Dynamics In Week 4 Of League Champions Korea Summer Split

Gen.G secured a commanding victory over the rookies of Team Dynamics in the fourth week of the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

Mid laner BDD and ADC Ruler picked up the Player of the Game awards after their outstanding performances on Zoe and Varus, respectively. BDD is leading the LCK’s Player of the Game standings with 600 points.

The first game began with aggressive moves across the map from both teams. Gen.G managed to come out ahead after most of them, though. This allowed Gen.G to start securing the neutral objectives on the map without DYN contesting them.

After a dominant early and mid game in which Gen.G secured all of the neutral objectives, they closed out the game in 31 minutes with DYN’s players dying one by one.

The second game’s drafting phase featured a major blunder from DYN because they left the most broken and contested ADC champ open. They picked up Aphelios instead of Varus, who’s been permabanned in LPL, only left open once out of more than 150 games.

This came back to haunt them since Ruler had a strong laning phase and stomped DYN’s bottom lane. After a successful skirmish around the dragon pit, Ruler secured two crucial kills that he needed to get his core item, Umbral Glaive, on his next back.

With Varus reaching his power spike so early, he became a big problem for DYN, who had a poor composition to deal with his poke. DYN’s composition focused on hard engages, but they didn’t have that many opportunities since Gen.G read them like a book. After multiple failed attempts from DYN to equalize the game, they faltered in one teamfight and lost in 27 minutes.

Gen.G had a great Spring Split, ending it with 14 series wins and four losses. They’ve dominated their competition this year, aside from T1, who’ve beaten them in both clashes this season.

Gen.G look strong in the LCK Summer Split too, now tied for third with T1 at 5-2. They’re just behind DragonX and Damwon Gaming, If they keep up their performance, they might overtake the other top tier teams and win another LCK Championship.

While Gen.G’s efforts are noticed, DragonX and Damwon Gaming look now stronger than ever, crushing their opposition on a constant basis and rarely losing games. Gen.G still has some work to do before they reach that level of DragonX and Damwon Gaming. Stay tuned for more match recaps in the upcoming days as the LCK is going into the second round robbin.