Time Loader Is A Classic Puzzle Platformer With A Brand New Free Prologue

Time Loader Is A Classic Puzzle Platformer With A Brand New Free Prologue
Credit: Flazm

This unique game comes from Flazm Interactive and META Publishing. The dedicated duo has come together to create Time Loader, a unique puzzle experience. This title is a story-driven puzzle game that puts players in charge of a small robot. Travel to the 90s and solve brain-teasing puzzles.

To celebrate the title’s creation, the developers have launched a free preview of the game on Steam. This prologue is available for free and will allow players the chance to explore a series of levels all from the main title.

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Enter Time Loader, a story-driven physics platformer puzzle experience about a tiny robot. Explore alternate realities, enjoy primitive tech from the 90s, and rock out to nostalgic music.

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Players take control of a small time-traveling robot who has gone into the past to prevent an accident. Explore the house in which you were created and solve puzzles as you slowly upgrade your systems. This game will change your perspective on the common household items and realities making you think about the space around you.

This is a time-traveling experience so players must accept hte consequences of their actions. If they do change the past, they may not be able to deal with the resulting future.

Enjoy a strange perspective where even familiar objects look slightly different. It is up to you how you approach each problem whether it be with caution or in a speedy air of adventure.

Choose from harpoons, screwdrivers, boosters and tons of other upgrades as you tackle evolving problems spread across several levels. This is a unique title that is full of options, opportunities, and problems to be solved.

The title also has a heavy chunk of nostalgia, music, and references from the 90s. Players can travel to their younger years to enjoy just how primitive humanity was only 20 years ago.

This title looks like a fun and exciting adventure for players of all ages. Its branching narrative gives options as to how the future will change. Once players complete the game they can see the effect of their actions play out in unique ways.

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Time Loader comes from developer Flazm and is set to launch on Steam sometimes in 2021. This title is still in development but the free prologue gives a good taste of the experience yet to come. Travel through time and solve a problem from the future in the only way a time-traveling robot can.