The Long Awaited Kickstart Game Crying Suns Is Coming Out This Month, A Free Demo Is Already Available Through Steam

The Long Awaited Kickstart Game Crying Suns Is Coming Out This Month, A Free Demo Is Already Available Through Steam
Credit: Alt Shift

Crying Suns went to Kickstart last year and surprised fans with a new tactical rogue-lite space opera game. The inspiration was FTL, but they wanted a more story-focused feeling to their game. In Crying Suns the Galactic Empire has collapsed, and humanity’s only chance for survival lies with a clone of Admiral Ellys Idaho, the greatest Imperial commander of all time.

Like many space-based games on Kickstart, it was a huge success tripling its goal. Soon the release will be coming to fans on its predicted date of September 19. It has been a long wait for backers, but many are looking forward to what they say is a full space-age experience.

Your clone of Idaho was awakened by Kaliban, the last functional Omni in the entire Empire. Omni is these massive machines that provide for all the needs of humans, and it is their fault the empire collapsed. See they were so entrenched in the culture of the entire galactic peoples that when they were suddenly put offline, all of the empire fell into itself.

You must find out what went wrong with these machines and as you work to help rebuild the entire empire, you must switch them back on. This questline gives real-time combat a more story-based feeling rather than simply being another galactic conquest style game. Fans are already setting their watches for the release of this title in hopes of a satisfying story at the very least.

There is a pause button that when enabled, will stop the game and give you a chance to issue commands. You will be controlling an entire fleet rather than a single unit, so the strategy is key to your eventual success. The customization of the fleet is left up to you as you can decide what types of vessels you would fight with.

The game’s story follows six chapters with over 300 possible story events that could happen. This means that every playthrough of this game will be unique, giving a new level of replayability to the game as a whole. As a strategy based game, many think it will be a challenging experience, so this replayability factor may become a necessity rather than a matter of convenience.

The art style is what is drawing in most of the fan base as it is an exciting mix of pixel art and 3D/HD Special effects. This style keeps it beautifully while familiar and make it have some interesting backdrops and unit styles.

If this sounds like a wonderful title, interested gamers can purchase it for $25 on Steam. Before buying you can play a demo copy on the site right now to get a feel for the game itself. It should be noted that the developers say their game is a tough one and players should expect to die often.