The Next Event In Apex Legends Called Voidwalker Is Set To Go Down This Tuesday; Will Be Available For Two Weeks

The Next Event In Apex Legends Called Voidwalker Is Set To Go Down This Tuesday; Will Be Available For Two Weeks
Credit: Sethly via YouTube

Apex Legends has been one of the more successful battle royale games in the past couple of years. It took the gaming community by storm when it was first released back in February. It did amazing numbers on Twitch for several months in a row, and then all of a sudden, it saw a pretty severe drop off. Much of this can be attributed to its lack of updates.

That has changed drastically, though. Time and time again, this game gets new events that give users a lot of great content to look forward to. Apex Legends is getting a new one today called Voidwalker. Based on event notes, it should be a lot of fun and provide some unique challenges.

For two weeks, Voidwalker will run and give players the chance to participate in a new limited-time mode and a town takeover. The new event will be called Armed and Dangerous, and it has an interesting concept in that only long-range and short-range weapons will be available. Players will thus need to decide what sort of approach they take to combat. The sniper rifle seems like the safest route. However, if you prefer a more hands-on combat situation, then shotguns will be your best friend.

As far as the town takeover being included in Voidwalker, the setting will be Kings Canyon. There will be plenty of good loot accompanied with the town takeover, making it worthwhile to check out if you’ve been searching for some premium gear and cosmetics. At Kings Canyon, there are remains of facility called Project: Wraith.

It’s a research facility shrouded in a lot of mystery. It will be up to you to discover what went down. There’s even a portal inside this facility that can be used to progress more into this town takeover event or to escape and start a skydive. It seems like a fun structure to explore and have some compelling adventures around.

Lastly, Voidwalker will have event challenges included with free loot. A lot of the skins you can earn will be Wraith-themed. Some of the items listed on Apex Legends’ website look very appetizing. All in all, this new event is shaping up to be pretty decent. If you haven’t played Apex Legends in a while, it might be worth re-visiting. The event seems to have a lot of intrigue, and per usual, you’ll be able to earn some amazing loot.