A Creepy New Trailer Was Just Released For Negative Atmosphere, A Spiritual Successor To Dead Space

A Creepy New Trailer Was Just Released For Negative Atmosphere, A Spiritual Successor To Dead Space
Credit: RagnarokGaming HD via YouTube

If you’re a fan of the survival-horror genre in gaming, you probably remember the Dead Space series all too well. It was a series about space and demonic monsters. Many have wanted to compare it to the Doom series, but that doesn’t do it justice. Dead Space is a franchise completely unique and was pretty revolutionary at the time of its release. Very few games left you on the edge of your seat, ready to turn the lights back on.

It seems like the series couldn’t do no wrong as sequel after sequel were made. Then one day, the train stopped on the tracks. We haven’t been treated to a new Dead Space game in quite some time. Unfortunate, but there is a little glimmer of hope for fans of these space horror games. Negative Atmosphere — a horror game being developed by Sunscorched Studios – is a spiritual successor to Dead Space. Alas, a developing team is finally taking these horror themes and infusing their own spin on them.


To give fans a peak of the horrors that await, the developers put out a teaser trailer. It’s quite terrifying. It starts off with a spaceship floating through space. The lack of sound just further adds to the tension as you await some graphic content that was promised in the beginning warning statement. The trailer then cuts to some gameplay footage.

A man in a suit is traversing through the interior of a spaceship. The camera shows an over-the-shoulder view, which is true to the Dead Space games. It seems like the developers indeed drew heavy inspiration from Dead Space and that’s great to see early on. The man shown in the trailer is talking to some sort of AI companion, which should make you not feel as isolated aboard this forsaken ship out in the middle of nowhere.

Then, out of the shadows comes a terrifying creature with long limbs — like a mix between a spider and human. It grabs the character like he’s nothing. It then shoves a spear-like claw through his face. Who could have saw that coming? It’s a pretty unnerving visual that just paints the insane horrors that this game is going for.

It’s a short teaser trailer, but that’s plenty to get survival-horror fans excited. Who knows what other sort of monstrous creatures you’ll encounter in space? The creep-factor is at a 10. Let’s just hope we get more teaser trailers like this and an official release date soon.