Those Who Pre-Order Rage 2 Will Have Access To Some Entertaining And Helpful Cheat Codes

Those Who Pre-Order Rage 2 Will Have Access To Some Entertaining And Helpful Cheat Codes
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

The upcoming first-person shooter, Rage 2, has been hyped up ever since its first trailer release. We’ve seen a lot of gameplay footage thus far, featuring dystopian environments where you can kill and blow up anything you want. It looks like a lot of fun.

Those looking to pick up a copy now have an incentive to pre-order it, as they’ll have access to free cheat codes. Now, these cheat codes aren’t designed to help you blow past the game in one sitting. They’re more oriented towards humor and fun gameplay.

One of the available cheats lets gamers hear narration from Tim Kitzrow, who’s known for his work in the iconic NBA Jam series. This is quite an interesting idea from the developers. The cheats won’t cost any money. Other cheats that will be available in Rage 2 include Git Gud, Son of Thor, Phoenix Rejector Seat, and Klegg Support. Let’s quickly break down what each involves.

Starting off, Git Gud lets you take down any enemy with one hit. This cheat thus will be handy for those who’ve never played a Rage game before and want an easier combat experience. Those who are more advanced probably will be shying away from it, at the very least to avoid taunting from friends.

Then we have Son of Thor. Once this cheat is activated, your character will be surrounded by electricity. As you walk past opponents, they’ll be electrified instantly. The cheat should make for a cool visual to see for areas that are filled with looming threats. Thor couldn’t be happier.

Phoenix Rejector Seat is a little bit more quirky. Instead of ejecting you from a vehicle, this cheat will eject the vehicle from you. Finally, Klegg Support lets you have Klegg Clayton as an AI companion. There probably will be certain areas and bosses that warrant AI assistance, making this cheat an amazing resource to rely on from time to time.

These are just a few cheats that have been confirmed for Rage 2. Other cheats will be available in the game. You’ll just have to find the NPC called the Wasteland Wizard. You can get cheats from him in exchange for in-game currency. Again, none of these aforementioned cheats will cost you any money.

Rage 2 is expected to release on May 14. It’s coming out for Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. If you weren’t already sold by the beautiful open world or the intense combat, maybe these funny and helpful cheats will compel you to give it a try.