Naughty Dog Responds To Rumors About The Last Of Us 2 Possibly Coming Out In 2019

Naughty Dog Responds To Rumors About The Last Of Us 2 Possibly Coming Out In 2019
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

The Last of Us was one of the best survival-horror games of all time. It featured a captivating story and the gameplay was super easy to pick up and have fun with. It has been a long six years since it first debuted exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

When Naughty Dog — the game’s developer — showed off actual gameplay footage of the sequel at last year’s E3, fans were in pandemonium. It’s one of the most anticipated titles for any console, including the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In the trailer, we see Joel and Ellie back in action. Only this time, they’re older and wiser. That seems to be the theme of The Last of Us 2. Both protagonists have lost so much, but even still, they try to find the positive in an apocalyptic, zombie-ridden world.

The gameplay footage is filled with zombie-killing action. Ellie seems more skilled than ever, and the developers seemed to have vastly improved the combat system from the original. How long do we have to wait for this game, though?

Many gamers believe the game is set to come out in 2019. Well, recently, Naughty Dog’s community manager Arne Meyer commented on these alleged rumors. He went on to say this via Twitter, ”Can’t say much, but we’ll put new things out when it and we are ready. Appreciate you and all of our fans’ patience!”

It appears Naughty Dog is holding the release date pretty close to their chest, which you can’t really fault them for. They want to build up the buzz even more in hopes of beating out sales that they had for the original.

Could The Last of Us 2 come out in 2019, though? All signs are pointing towards yes. Naughty Dog has been working on this project for years. They certainly have the resources to push up the release date if they need to. Unveiling the game this year is a great strategy. The PlayStation 4 is still selling pretty well, and it appears we’re still a couple of years out from the next console release.

2019 is the perfect time to push PS4 sales even more and gain some momentum heading into the next console wars. In terms of what month would make sense for this release, October could work out perfectly. Zombies and Halloween go hand in hand. It would be a great marketing strategy too for a game that’s already receiving so much buzz.