This is the Zodiac Speaking Is A Serial Killer Mystery Available On Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch

This is the Zodiac Speaking Is A Serial Killer Mystery Available On Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch
Credit: Punch Punk Games

Enter into the role of detectives as you set forth to try and solve a notorious set of serial murders. Travel back to the ’60s as you take on This is the Zodiac Speaking. Return to the recognizable cryptograms and learn the challenges that detectives had to deal with while the Zodiac killer taunts your every move.

This is a case that was never solved. An entire game built around a murder by a killer who can not be caught. This is a game that deals with a real case, a real killer, and real victims. Enter into a strange collaborative effort as you take on the impossible.

This title is a story-driven First Person Puzzle experience. Enter into a mystery thriller with stealth and detective modes. The entire case is based on real facts with a new perspective on the world-famous Zodiac killer.

This fact-based experience is based on a stylized version of California in the 1970s. Play as Robert Harnell, a journalist from San Francisco as he receives a phone call with the very memorable “Hello, this is the Zodiac speaking.”

This game mixes thriller elements with horror and stealth creating a unique experience with several endings. From the gloomy atmosphere to the stylized graphics, this entire experience is a film-like feel with a scrip created by a popular Polish writer.

Explore evidence and experience the Zodiac story from the perspective of a person who survived the attack. As you dig into this tale you will find an uncomfortable mystery of murder, psychological torture, and mystery.

Unravel the details of each case as you explore the scene in detective mode. Listen to the voices of victims, save their souls, and try to catch the uncatchable killer.

There are several alternate endings to this title. This game is building itself onto unknown territory meaning that players must be careful where they step. It is atmospheric, unique, and built around real evidence.

This is a blast to the past and a crime fan’s dream. Anyone who enjoys mystery novels and horror games is sure to find this surreal blending of tones a unique and enjoyable diversion.

This is the Zodiac Speaking is already released and available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Dig into the unsolvable case but be warned, everything is not clear as it could be. Although this is based on real facts and information, this is still a work of fiction.