Dead Cells Developer Mulls Tapping Google Stadia To Support Games

Dead Cells Developer Mulls Tapping Google Stadia To Support Games

Dead Cells players may find themselves looking at exciting developments this year. Game developer Motion Twin recently announced they are looking at the possibility of releasing their games on Google Stadia.

DualShockers was able to talk to Steve Filby, Motion Twin’s studio head, who confirmed the news. Filby shared he is “excited” with the new platform that was revealed recently at the Game Developers Conference. He said they are open to work with Google and are now considering the possibility of using Stadia.

Google’s Stadia is the attempt of the technology giant to take on existing consoles. Critics are saying that should Google succeed, and it will be among the major players in online video gaming.

Phil Harrison, head of Stadia, said the new platform will consolidate the process of game development. It will be like a one-stop platform for game developers for development, game hosting, distribution, and advertising.

Harrison described it as a “new generation” of the game platform. Google Stadia will provide players with a library of games similar to Netflix’s movie bank. With just a click, players can choose a game without having to download or install it. He said the platform takes inspiration from game developers and focuses on gamers.

With Google’s Stadia, players apparently do not need to purchase gaming consoles or even PC. With the game running on Google Chrome, those looking at the practical side would see it as an option. There is no release date yet; however, it is expected to launch this year in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Aside from the plan to tap Google Stadia, Harrison also revealed that fans can expect more DLC for Dead Cells. He said their team is working on additional content and is expected to release it in summer.

Later this year, players will also see new levels to the game. Harisson, however, said they have not decided yet if players would have to pay for the updates or not. He said it would depend on the community’s feedback.

It seems there is really no stopping the Dead Cells team. Harrison’s announcement came not long after the recent release of the major Rise of the Giant update. The Rise of the Giant update was made available on Switch and PC.

Dead Cells is currently satisfying the gamers using its rogue-lite gameplay. Others described its Metroidvania aspects as addictive. Dead Cells is currently available on PC, PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac.