20-Minute Footage Of The Outer Worlds Released; Game Features Face-Expanding Weapon

20-Minute Footage Of The Outer Worlds Released; Game Features Face-Expanding Weapon
Credit: Obsidian Entertainment via YouTube

Finally, players had a chance to view the gameplay of The Outer Worlds. For 20 minutes, they were treated to hilarious dialogue, two buddies the main character can tag along, and lots of combat.

The highly-anticipated RPG also features a baton that they can wither or expand an opponent’s face when you hit them.

The action happens inside the city of the elite called Byzantium. As the game’s protagonist, you have been asked to be part of a publicity film shoot by Odeon Pictures.

In the movie, you will assume the role of a hero who will be duking it out with pirates. Your task is to prevent the baddies from pillaging a village.

Although The Outer Worlds’ alpha version has not been voiced over yet, it is definitely fun. You actually have the choice of how your character will react to what is happening.

You can make his eye twitch or unleash a wordless fury, whatever is more appropriate. Despite the absence of dialogue, the storyline propels you forward, according to PC Gamer.

Here is where things get exciting. You can opt to remain in your character and continue to harness your acting chops. Or if you decide to go into slasher mode, you can kill off the other actors in the film. This could make the film’s director happy because you are staying true to your character. Until you include him your killing spree.

The Outer Worlds’ 20-minute teaser also shows off combat that happens in other parts of the city. Though the gunplay may feel may seem floaty at times, you’ll have a blast using the weapons.

For instance, you have the Mandibular Rearranger, one of the science weapons in the game. Using it against your enemies will make their contract or enlarge their faces.

Your character can also endow its companion with an outrageous-looking helmet – a moon with a top hat. And when you are overwhelmed by foes, you can command members of your group to pick up the slack.

Felix can give anyone who stands in your way a dropkick, while Nyoka can fire her giant machine gun.

The Outer Worlds is a science-fiction based role-playing game being developed by Obsidian. The company is behind other widely-acclaimed titles such as Fallout: Las Vegas, Knights of the Old Republic II, and South Park: The Stick of Truth. It is published by Private Division, the parent company of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, GameSpot reported.

The highly anticipated game will be made available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is worth noting that although Obsidian is a property of Microsoft, The Outer Worlds will be rolled out in competing consoles. Moreover, the game will make its way to the Microsoft Store and Epic Store first before being released on Steam.