They Are Billions Is Out Of Early Access With A 60-Hour ‘The New Empire’ Campaign

They Are Billions Is Out Of Early Access With A 60-Hour ‘The New Empire’ Campaign
Credit: Numantian Games via YouTube

They Are Billions, the post-apocalyptic zombie RTS game which released on Steam in 2017, is out of early access. Along with its 1.0 update comes a 60-hour campaign from developer Numantian Games, plus other new features which haven’t been spoiled by the devs.

They Are Billions original survival mode has received a solid 9/10 rating on Steam, and the 1.0 update is so far shaping up to be awesome for the game, drawing in the most players since launch.

The main aim of the new campaign is to build fortified colonies and destroy hordes of zombies with the powerful Imperial Armies. It gives a purpose to the already successful survival mode. There are more than 90 technologies to research, and a new feature where you explore ancient human ruins with a Hero character.

There are 48 new missions which cover much of the backstory of the game and give you a hint into how the zombie pandemic came to be. You are sent on a mission by Emperor Quintus Crane to repopulate the zombie wastelands. There are three mission types, including standard colony missions, swarm missions, and tactical missions where you get to play as those high-powered heroes.

Alongside the introduction of a campaign comes brand new survival maps. The first map is Deep Forest, meant to be a good introduction for new players to the game. On the opposite side of the spectrum rests The Caustic Lands, a map infected with the Doom Colony which takes up 30% of the map. It’s designed to be the trickiest map in They Are Billions.

In addition, to celebrate the full release of the game, They Are Billions gets a soundtrack with 22 high-quality themes from the game. There’s also a digital book called “The Art of They Are Billions”, featuring sketches from the design process, which is available as a DLC on the game’s Steam page.

With the 1.0 update comes the games final price, £24/€25/$30 available on Steam, Origin and Humble. Thanks to the new campaign and the very powerful mission editor, and despite the lack of multiplayer, They Are Billions appears to be a game with long-lasting potential.