Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Witcher 3 Style Expansions

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Witcher 3 Style Expansions
Credit: CD Projekt Red via YouTube

Since a flashy showing at E3 this year, more details about Cyberpunk 2077 have been trickling out. Now we know that the game will have multiple endings, support multiple gender choices, and as recently revealed in an exclusive interview with Prima Games, have a similar expansion system as Witcher 3.

Alvin Liu, the UI coordinator for Cyberpunk 2077, opened up about planned expansions for the highly anticipated game. Just as in Witcher 3, the expansion packs for Cyberpunk will build on the original storyline but not withhold content from the release story.

Witcher 3’s expansions worked in two ways. There were pieces of free DLC for those who paid the full price of the game, and these were released regularly. This free content included things like an Elite Crossbow Set and bonus quests. They added a little more depth to the game.

The DLC packs included multi-hour story expansions, what Liu talks about as “finding out what’s happening to everyone.” What’s important to remember about the expansions for Witcher 3 is that the content was all new. Nothing was withheld from the full game.

With the controversy around, say Battlefront 2’s predatory boxes, which didn’t allow you to play as Vader unless you spent real cash, Liu is keen to explain that the expansions and DLC for Cyberpunk aren’t being monetized on purpose.

One potential for the expansion packs is that they will cross from the current gen into the next-gen consoles, Project Scarlett from Microsoft and the yet unannounced PlayStation 5. With an April 2020 release date, the game is set to come out just a few months before the expected holiday arrival of the next-gen consoles. Devs have discussed this crossover of consoles, though nothing is concrete yet.

Considering the award-winning writing of Witcher 3, Liu also went on to say that the story for Cyberpunk 2077 was “very satisfying” and had a complete story arc. We’re excited to see how the expansions add to the already dense world of 2077.

After the hype of E3, and the breathtaking appearance of Keanu Reeves on stage, the private demo of Cyberpunk will be playable at the upcoming PAX West this August. It’s the first public gameplay demo of the game and will give fans a better look into Reeves’ character and the world of 2077.