The Remake Of Resident Evil 2 Is Now $40 For Xbox One And PS4 Console Owners; Deal Won’t Last Long

The Remake Of Resident Evil 2 Is Now $40 For Xbox One And PS4 Console Owners; Deal Won’t Last Long
Credit: Instacodez

It’s quite rare when new AAA games go on sale. When it does happen, it’s best to jump at the deal because it probably won’t last very long. To many gamers’ surprise, the popular remake of Resident Evil 2 recently went on sale. You can not get it for only $40 at select game outlets, including Amazon and GameStop.

$20 in savings is pretty incredible for such a successful and fun game like Resident Evil 2. If you haven’t had the chance to play it, there’s never been a better time than now. When it comes to survival-horror games, it doesn’t get much better than what this remake offers.

Capcom really knew what they were doing when they renovated this cult classic. First off, the game’s visuals are simply breathtaking. Every area and zombie has so much detail. You’ll be captivated wherever your zombie adventures take you, whether it’s out on the streets or in the police station.

The zombies have never been more frightening or difficult to kill either. You could literally send eight bullets through a zombie, only to have it keep lumbering towards you. It’s a game design that can be frustrating at times, but also very rewarding. Instead of attacking zombies head-on, you’ll often find yourself dodging quickly or retracing your steps for a safer path.

Then there’s Mr. X. He’s quite possibly one of the creepiest villains to ever be put in a zombie game.  No matter what attacks you throw at him, he’ll keep coming forward. Your only successful tactic to use against him will be to fall back and wait until he can’t find you.

Resident Evil 2 also has great re-playability. After you finish the game with Leon, you’ll be just as excited to experience the game again from the perspective of Claire. Each perspective leads to different areas and different events, keeping you on your toes the entire time.

Even if you do replay the game with the same character, there are different challenges to try to beat and different weapons available. You could literally spend weeks replaying this remake and still have fun with it.

If you don’t mind back-tracking to places you’ve already been and being judicious with your inventory, Resident Evil 2 is exciting from start to finish. Again, you can save $20 when you get it from either Amazon or GameStop. These savings won’t last for long, so now’s the perfect time to act if you’ve been holding out.