The Pokémon GO Halloween Community Day Will Feature The Shiny Version Of The Ghost/Fire-Type Candle Litwick

The Pokémon GO Halloween Community Day Will Feature The Shiny Version Of The Ghost/Fire-Type Candle Litwick
Credit: IGN

This October, Pokémon GO is hosting a special Community Day in honor of Halloween, and it will feature the uncommon and adorable ghost Pokémon Litwick, as well as its even rarer shiny form. Although GO Community Days have grown wasteful and divisive, they continue to take place once a month, giving trainers access to valuable bonuses and the chance to capture pocket monsters that are otherwise difficult to come by.

In addition to a spike in experience points and candy, trainers of the augmented reality game also stand a much better chance of snagging the game’s most coveted Pokémon during Community Days, when it appears in large numbers.

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Although Niantic’s mobile Pokémon game may not have the same level of buzz as it did when it first came out, it still has a sizable fanbase and receives regular upgrades and events to keep players engaged. While it’s undeniable that Pokémon GO has achieved broad success, recent layoffs and canceled projects at Niantic hint at the studio’s hardship, especially in light of player complaints over GO’s nerfed mechanics and sudden adjustments. Despite this, Pokémon GO has managed to keep a sizable portion of its original user base, and new content has been added through events and upgrades for trainers to enjoy.

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The Pokémon GO Community Day in November will likely feature a Halloween theme, giving players a chance to catch a shiny Litwick. The Litwick Community Day, which the Pokémon GO site claims will take place on Saturday, October 15 from 2 to 5 p.m. local time, will reportedly contain several benefits in addition to a flood of Litwicks. Due to the abundance of Litwicks, encountering a Shiny one is more likely, and trainers can obtain a Chandelure with the Charged Attack Poltergeist move-set by evolving Litwick’s evolution Lampent during the event or for up to 5 hours afterward.