Pokemon Go Officially Brings Team Rocket And Shadow Pokemon Into The Game, Still Time To Catch Mewtwo Before The Event Ends

Pokemon Go Officially Brings Team Rocket And Shadow Pokemon Into The Game, Still Time To Catch Mewtwo Before The Event Ends
Credit: Niantic

Team Rocket has finally made an appearance in Pokemon Go after weeks of teases and leaks. Part of the latest update to the game now has Team Rocket grunts that will battle you at specific shadowy Pokestops. If you defeat them, you have a chance at capturing their new Shadow Pokemon which have been tainted with some evil darkness.

As players explore the Pokemon Go Twitter feed continues to track and follow the evolution of the event. The Shadow Pokemon are more powerful then random ones found around the map and the battle against the grunts have been considered a challenge for many trainers. Although there is no explanation for why they are covered in shadows, fans are eager to explore and understand this new Pokemon phenomenon.

Team Rocket has been a classic part of the Pokemon franchise for a long time. In the original Red, Blue, and Yellow games, you defeat them ending their kidnapping of the Cubones. This is revisited in Leaf Green and Fire Red, giving the team their distinctive coloration and fighting style. It is a long-awaited feature for Pokemon Go and fans are happy to have access to battling the evil Team Rocket.

Once you defeat them and capture the Shadow Pokemon, you have a chance to purify them using stardust. The Shadow Pokemon comes with Frustration as a default ability, but once the dark aura is removed, their stats raise, and Frustration is replaced with Return. There is still no full answer to what the shadow auras are, but as the professors continue to tweet, players are sure that answers are nearby.

The update also brought along the revised appraisal tool for Pokemon Go. This tool allows a more in-depth view of the stats and potential of your Pokemon. This gives many fans a better understanding of the vague terms used previously in the game.

The One Piece crossover event is also happening, and you still have a chance to catch Pikachu wearing Luffy’s iconic straw hat. Although this is merely a cosmetic change, it is not stopping players from hunting in an attempt to catch all the Pikachu variants released in the game.

This is not the only event that has continued, Armored Mewtwo is still available in the game. The Legendary Pokemon appears in five-star Raids and is a challenge for players to defeat. The Pokemon will continue to appear until July 31 where it will disappear for an unknown amount of time.

Pokemon Go continues to evolve every month with new content being updated. For those who have not tried the groundbreaking AR game, it is available on all mobile stores for free.