The Music/Action Game Sayonara Wild Hearts Is Coming To Xbox One Next Week, According To Publisher’s Twitter Account

The Music/Action Game Sayonara Wild Hearts Is Coming To Xbox One Next Week, According To Publisher’s Twitter Account
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a game based around music and action. The interesting mix of the two has proven to be a success. In this game, you get to participate in all kinds of events from flying around like superman to shooting opponents with guns on a motorcycle. If you’ve spent any time playing this game, you know how unique the visuals and music are.

Since the game released in 2019, it has been absent from the Xbox One. That’s apparently changing according to the game’s publisher. Annapuma Interactive took to Twitter to confirm this title’s release on the Xbox One. And, Xbox gamers don’t have to wait that long. It will be available on February 25th. That’s great if you’ve seen trailers of this game on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Sayonara Wild Hearts really is a unique game of this generation. It’s hard to compare it to anything else. The developer did an outstanding job on all fronts. There are so just many activities to get wrapped up in as mentioned earlier. The motorcycle racing is definitely a standout. You can reach high speeds and traverse through some vibrant arcade-styled landscapes. They have a vapor wave aesthetic to them, that’s for sure.

The dance battling is also a great time, especially if you like pop music. You can dance to the beat and show off your moves like never before. You even have the ability to wield swords and duel it out against different opponents. Never before has a game featured this many interesting activities and done so with competency.

Even the story is pretty interesting. After a young woman has her heart broken, the universe as she knows it is in jeopardy. In her dreams, she finds a surrealistic landscape. It is here where she can collect pieces of her heart and restore order to the universe. Each level she goes through, there is a unique score keeping the tempo. It’s a brilliant concept that was realized to perfection by Simogo.

Through every stage, you’ll have to avoid obstacles and fight otherworldly threats. The different bosses have a nice variety to them. Each one is skilled in a different department, and it will be up to you to find these weaknesses. It’s nice that the gameplay isn’t overly difficult. Instead, you’ll get to focus more on atmospheric experiences. Overall, Sayonara Wild Hearts is an incredible addition to the Xbox One.