The Fortnite Community Crushes The Autumn Queen’s Quest, Everyone Earns The Fallen Leaf Wrap

The Fortnite Community Crushes The Autumn Queen’s Quest, Everyone Earns The Fallen Leaf Wrap
Credit: Epic Games

Well, that was easy.

Epic Games challenged the Fortnite community this Thanksgiving weekend, and players absolutely demolished it.

With over a day to spare, the community completed the Autumn Queen’s Quest:

The rules were quite simple. In the allotted amount of time, the community as a whole had to earn 2.5 billion points by performing three different actions. Players would earn points themselves, and each point made would contribute to the grand point total for the community.

To earn points, players had to:
• Heal allies with the Bandage Bazooka, earning players one point per one HP healed.
• Revive a teammate, which yielded two points per revive.
• Play a match with a friend, which gave players five points every time.

The actions all shared the same theme. Since the Autumn Queen’s Quest was during Thanksgiving, all the actions were aimed at helping and interacting with other players. This helped carry the spirit of the holiday into Fortnite.

The community had about three and a half days to complete this quest. The Autumn Queen’s Quest started at 10 am EST on Thursday, November 28th and is scheduled until Sunday, December 1st at 8 pm EST.

However, players only needed until Saturday to earn enough points to conquer the quest. The community stepped up in a big way. At the time of the writing, there is still technically 7 hours left for players to earn points, but at this point, it’s unnecessary. Everyone will receive the reward, the Fallen Leaf Wrap

An important thing to note is that to get the Fallen Leaf Wrap, players must play at least one match within the timeline. Even though the goal has already been reached, gamers that didn’t contribute are still encouraged to play at least one match before 8 pm EST tonight.

The Autumn Queen’s Quest is a true testament to the popularity and community engagement of Fortnite. This game has indeed become global, and with it being wildly popular among different demographics.

The fact the players mobilized and crushed the quest with a day to spare shows their commitment to the accessories Epic Games offers, as well as the game itself.

There’s nothing like a community event to bring everyone together on the holidays. But now that it’s over, will gamers revert to a more selfish and glory-minded style of gameplay, or has this event brought players together, closer than ever before? The former is the likeliest scenario!