The Epic Game Store Will Be Getting A Major Revamp To Include Smaller Patch Sizes And The Addition Of New Features

The Epic Game Store Will Be Getting A Major Revamp To Include Smaller Patch Sizes And The Addition Of New Features
Credit: Forge Labs via YouTube

Since the Epic Games Store was founded some 28 years ago, it has always had the classic appearance of a GaaS provider. This year though, the gaming provider will be taking a big leap on improving its game presentation with its recent update.

The first changes anyone will see it the launcher’s library view. The library is now viewable as a list which can be sorted either alphabetically or by the last game played. It will also feature a searchable option to make game queries and searches easier.

Additionally, the game launcher will also have an option only to show the games you have installed. This can be quite handy especially if you have been avidly collecting the free Epic games handed every few weeks. Since December last year, Epic Games has been showering their audience base with free games. So, this feature might be useful if you have downloaded a lot of their freebies.

One good news every game-size conscious gamers would love is the improved small-sized patches. Epic games would be handing out for every game update. This means memory intensive games like Fortnite will not only have you spend the whole day downloading updates. Epic Games will be providing them in incremental sizes to cut down on downloading times.

This is also good news for gamers who are bandwidth-limited or those who or those with a slow internet connection. Nonetheless, Epic Games says this was made possible with the allocation of optimization tools provided within both ends of the client-server and internal Epic Games’ side.

Memory downsizing for each patch can be visibly seen with a sizeable Fortnite patch which can only be downloaded at 2.03GB compared to the original 6.79GB.

Another new addition to the Epic Games Store is the game’s playtime viewer. By clicking the gear icon from the Settings, you can easily view the number of hours you’ve spent playing a particular game. Epic Games has also expanded their language settings by including Traditional Chinese on language choices.

There are still a lot of improvements in the Epic Games Store during the coming months. The list goes on from getting a new storefront visual, in-game overlays, and the addition of several languages. Thai languages will be added in the store support, and 3D secure for compliance with the current European regulations on customer authenticity will be added in the coming months.