Valve Games Bring The Native Steam Remote Play To Its Platform, Adds Touch Controls To Over A Hundred Games Including Stardew Valley

Valve Games Bring The Native Steam Remote Play To Its Platform, Adds Touch Controls To Over A Hundred Games Including Stardew Valley
Credit: TechBlitz via YouTube

The gaming industry is rapidly moving to standalone game streaming services, and Valve Games is not far behind. Recently, the game service provider has incorporated Steam’s Remote Play functionality allowing players to play their existing libraries to any of their devices.

So far, Valve has been able to include a wide selection of games which players can access on their phones or tablets. These popular games have recently been updated to include the touch controls on their default settings.

Valve says that they have selected games that are more likely being played on personal handhelds, including phones and tablets. They have also carefully chosen some of the most popular games from genres, including RPG, adventure, card games, visual novels, and strategy.

The game service provider also mentioned that some games work perfectly with a trackpad cursor, but some games do not have this feature. In the end, many players end up playing with a different game.

So, to make things a little easier for everyone, Valve said they ended up with a default touch configuration for the most common and highly played Remote Play games. They are highlighting three games in particular, including Skateboarding Sim and Ni No Kuni.

The Ni No Kuni title had a gamepad adaptive technology which allows easy configuration switching depending on your actions.
Skateboarding Sim though was more like playing using a fingerboard. It has a specialized configuration which can be set up based on user functionalities.

Stardew Valley is one of the examples where the gamepad controls are not designed similar to the console version. The game also does not offer the same intuitive gamepad controls on the touchscreen. So, Valve improved the functionalities of the buttons and included an X option, allowing players access to their stored items for quick use.

When the additional X-button is pressed, players are directed into a whole screen menu where they can manage their entire inventory. Stardew Valley now has a flexible configuration which can be set up to adapt with the game’s native desktop controls. It has submenus, buttons, custom icons, and a sizeable input for commonly-used farming actions.

There is an extensive list of games that had their touch controls improved. This includes classic games like Final Fantasy VII-XIII, Dota Underworlds, Peggle Deluxe, and many others.