Switch Online August Update Adds Two Obscure, But Fantastic, NES Titles To The Service

Switch Online August Update Adds Two Obscure, But Fantastic, NES Titles To The Service
Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online has been somewhat of a mixed-bag for subscribers, but it’s hard to deny that the service has provided some much-needed retro gaming on the Switch. Ever since Switch Online’s official launch, Nintendo has routinely updated the NES portion with an impressive selection of games that range from everyday classics to obscure titles.

This month’s August Games Update will be including two lesser-known titles, Kung-Fu Heroes and Vice: Project Doom. Check out the trailer below for the announcement:

Kung-Fu Heroes is a port of an arcade game that was developed by Nihon Game. The gameplay is classic wave-based arcade action, as you take on the role of either Jacky or Lee (we all see what they did there) as you fight through a castle full of monsters in an attempt to rescue Princess Min-Min. It’s a pretty fun co-op game, as you and a friend can battle enemies room-by-room, tackling bonus levels every once in a while as well.

Vice: Project Doom is probably the more obscure of the two games, but it’s definitely a unique experience for the NES. The game mixes up some serious Ninja Gaiden-style gameplay with fast-paced, top-down driving levels. You play as the typical 80’s action tough-guy, Detective Hart, as he investigates a mega-corporation known as B.E.D.A. after the mysterious disappearance of is old partner. He soon begins to uncover a conspiracy involving technology, aliens, and all manner of crazy villainy. The game has some really cool boss battles, and some impressive art and cutscenes for the NES era.

The NES collection is really starting to take shape, offering a good mix of genres. It’s not quite the virtual console that Nintendo fans are looking for, but considering these games are all included in the membership, it’s tough to complain. Many are still hoping the service will be expanding to other generations of games in the future. Earlier this year, there was a rumor that the company would be announcing SNES titles as a part of the service after a leak in the Switch Online code referenced some of the console’s titles. Of course, the Nintendo Direct for E3 2019 came and went without any such announcement, but it could be something that Nintendo is holding off on until the holiday season this year.

Either way, the Switch Online service is cheap, at only $20 for a full year. That’s a lot of retro gaming goodness for a small price.