The Adventurer RPG Indivisible Receives New Gameplay Trailer In Anticipation Of Fall Launch

The Adventurer RPG Indivisible Receives New Gameplay Trailer In Anticipation Of Fall Launch
Credit: IndivisibleRPG via YouTube

The action-adventurer RPG Indivisible has had a trailer out now for a couple of years. It gave many gamers a look into a pretty interesting game. The graphics feature 2D models that have been hand-drawn entirely. Needless to say, they look pretty gorgeous and unique.

Fans hoping for a release date can finally rest easy, as a new trailer has surfaced for the title. In it, we get a more hands-on look at gameplay as well as an official fall launch date. That’s right around the corner for those interesting in getting their hands on a copy at launch.

Looking at the gameplay in the trailer, it seems like platforming is the main focal point as far as mechanics. We see a woman character traversing through a futuristic stage. She has many jumping capabilities, the ones you would expect an RPG platformer like this to have. Still, the movements seem really fluid and certainly invite you in right away.

When you run into an enemy, it seems like turn-based combat takes over. We see the woman have a cast of companions at her disposal, who interchange in between hits. You’re thus not going to be able to hack-and-slash your way through opponents. Instead, you’ll need to rely on strategy and perfectly timed attacks.

Even the cutscenes are worth writing home about. They seem to feature pretty interesting dialogue, which is unique for an RPG like this. Usually, you get filler content that makes you want to fast-forward through what the character is saying. That’s not the design the developers at Lab Zero Games were going for with Indivisible. At certain points, it feels like you’re watching your favorite Saturday cartoons.

Like most games that fit under this genre, there are boss fights that will change up the combat difficulty. The one featured in the gameplay trailer seems pretty formidable. You can only imagine the boss difficulty substantially increasing the further you get in this game’s unique and engaging story mode.

All in all, Indivisible seems like a serviceable RPG platformer that finally has a fall release. If you’ve been saving your coins for something a bit more interesting, this title might be just what the doctor ordered. You’ll enjoy navigating through the beautifully rendered levels and the combat will keep you on your toes throughout this game’s completion. Indivisible seems like a real winner right out of the gate. Keep a look out for it on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.