Star Wars: Vader Immortal First Gameplay Trailer Released; Are You Ready To Fight The Sith Lord?

Star Wars: Vader Immortal First Gameplay Trailer Released; Are You Ready To Fight The Sith Lord?

The first gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Vader Immortal was showed off during the Star Wars celebration from April 11-15.

The Vader Immortal trailer showed fans glimpses of what to expect in the Oculus experience. The clip confirmed that the game will be very interactive. You will play an intergalactic smuggler who typically does your job near Mustafar, Vader’s home planet.

At the start, you are captured by the Sith Lord and forced to board his headquarters. You will be exploring the huge ship with the help of ZOE3, your very own droid. ZOE3 is actually voiced by comedian Maya Rudolph. Vader, meanwhile, will be voiced again by Scott Lawrence.

The events of the game reportedly take place in the middle of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

The gameplay didn’t really reveal much of the plot. However, it does hint that you could be a Jedi. Although anybody can wield a lightsaber, not everybody can use the force in order to deflect ray guns. For non-Jedis, a lightsaber would be nothing more than a glorified sword.

However. the Vader Immortal gameplay trailer showed the character you play using the lightsaber to block bullets.

Apparently, the first episode in the series will run for about 45 minutes, at least. Although, it could also be stretched to one hour. However, there’s a mode called “Lightsaber Dojo” where you can practice the use of the sword in open-ended gameplay.

Finally, there’s a scene in the 2-minute clip where you face Darth Vader himself.

And he hinted that you will play a special role in the age-old battle between the light and the dark. As you find yourself in a darkened room, the voice of Vader looms in the background. As the light goes out, he says: “You are the one I’ve been searching for.”

He activates his lightsaber, illuminating his armor in a crimson glow, as he orders you: “Do as I command!”

You could very well be fighting Vader himself. Are you up to the task?

There are actually three episodes in this Star Wars series, and the Vader Immortal trailer is the first episode. The series is written by David S. Goyer, whose works include The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, and Blade. This is his first foray into the Star Wars lore.

The Star Wars: Vader Immortal will arrive on the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift. Although there’s no exact date yet, it’s expected to come out in Spring of 2019.