Star Seeker in: the Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff Announced For PC Release

Star Seeker in: the Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff Announced For PC Release
Credit: Steam Xo

Star Seeker in: the Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff is a unique point and click adventure that mixes magic and fun together in a cute style. Take the role of Star Seeker, an arcane professional trying to work off their parole by solving magical crime. Enter into a unique world where magic and reason mix into law enforcement.

This title comes from indie developer Benedict Ide and is headed to PC in November. There is a free trial of this game available on Steam and This Demo will give you a taste of the unique action in this title without forcing any commitments upon the player.

Become Star Seeker, a wizard who solves wizard crime to avoid wizard jail. After they fail to solve the unusual case, you must combine dialogue with evidence to crack every mystical and magical case.

Enter into a strange situation. A wizard is dead, he is holding a candle. As you look around the room a hologram glitches in the corner while a bullet is frozen mid-air. Standing in the corner, almost too suspiciously, is a cute goat bleating helplessly. Who committed the crime?

These are the kind of situations where you step in and solve it for the cops. Uncover a strange mystery and learn to take every goofy situation with a grain of salt. This is like a unique mix between mystery, logic, and humor creating a unique title that is sure to inspire tons of fans.

This title comes from six years of hard work from the developer. He attempted to try and write out prompts for every situation and avoid the constant point and click default of something simply not working. Everything does something, just not always what you expect.

Still, magic is real and highly illegal. Only a wizard detective can solve a wizard crime so use your wizard skills to do some good. Clear up confusion, and try to understand each scene with unique perspectives.

Expect quick-witted dialogue, charming characters, and memorable crimes. This is a unique mystery that will unravel completely at the slightest pull. Players’ goal is to find the right string and bring the entire experience together.

Mix pixel art with mystery as you explore a strange criminal wizard world.

Star Seeker in: the Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff will release on November 4th, 2020. Prepare to enter the center stage and clear up some unusual crimes.