Splatoon 3 Appears To Be Available For Users To Download

Splatoon 3 Appears To Be Available For Users To Download
Credit: vgc

Around 30 videos showing the single-player portion of the game have been released by a social media user going by the handle “@Splatoon3Leaks,” albeit some of these videos are now being taken down due to copyright breaches.

Users of social media claim that players have started downloading the game’s data to PCs in addition to the cracked version of the game that is already being shared online.
Naturally, it looks that players are not able to engage in the multiplayer aspect of the game prior to the launch of its servers on September 9.

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It is unknown if Nintendo intends to take any legal action against the players who have been releasing spoilers about the single-player portion of the game on social media, including the complete finale, which is now available on YouTube. The release day for Splatoon 3 is set for September 9, 2022.

Nintendo has been dealing with more and more PC emulation and incorrect street dates lately, with many of its most recent games showing up on file-sharing websites before their official launches.

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After all, this is the opposite of PowerWash: a race to cover the entire playing field in ink while fending off four competing squid kids who want to paint your region in a different color. The perspective on the shooter game is unmistakably Nintendo.

The ink itself is a brilliantly tactile tool for journeys; you can take a dip through your own team’s ink to allow faster tracking and get the drop on the enemy. Bullets are substituted with playful paint, there is a co-creative priority on territorial waters over kill count, and there is no longer a kill count requirement.

All of this remains unchanged in Splatoon 3. The basic concept has not changed, but it is just a tiny bit nicer and, to our ears, just a tiny bit wetter feeling as you splash and slide through a turf war.