Something Has Recently Gone Horribly Wrong With Blizzard Entertainment Servers

Something Has Recently Gone Horribly Wrong With Blizzard Entertainment Servers
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment Via Youtube

Right on the back of the Xbox Live servers going awry over the weekend that saw State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition punished with reviews for a situation outside of their control, reports have begun cropping up online of Blizzard servers undergoing the same level of frustration and annoyance on a global level.  With reports and screenshots being shown of players needing to wait multiple hours in order to finally log in, questions are popping up about what the California-based company is currently suffering through.

It seems like this will be the first of many in a slew of outages that will likely affect the vast majority of online services over time, as more and more employees are regulated to attempting to work from home in light of the pandemic that is racing across the North American continent.  There’s an infinitely small chance that every quarantined have banded together to overload Blizzards service at the same time, so the common theory right now is that a general lack of in-person staffers managing the servers has resulted in the current issues.

Blizzard Entertainment has not yet, as of publication, made a statement in regards to their servers going down, what the underlying cause is, or when people can expect to once again resume play.  There have been absolutely zero statements, outside of announcing Hearthstone’s 16.6 update.

Meanwhile, people are continuing to throw themselves at the wall that is the log-in queue of Blizzard Entertainment.  People are even reporting that they’re being kicked out of in-progress matches and games, only to stare at the blue box of queue times.

Some have proposed that it’s Call Of Duty’s new battle royale that is free to play that has brought down the servers, yet everything points to the initial bubble of interest waned relatively quickly after the weekend, as it released on March 10.  That’s not a statement on it being more or less popular, merely that interest tends to bubble during launch and then peter out to a more stable and consistent user base.

As of right now, there’s very little anyone can do about it.  Without a statement coming forwards from Blizzard in regards to plausible tech issues or troubleshooting techniques, it seems as though the only thing players can do is dive into a different platform for the time being.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of what to spend time on during this global Coronavirus issue; finding a new title to sink your proverbial teeth into should be a matter of taste, rather than availability.

Note: Blizzard has since come forth and announced that they’re under DDoS.