SnowRunner Is Out Now And Is Receiving Positive Praises For Its Realism And Environments

SnowRunner Is Out Now And Is Receiving Positive Praises For Its Realism And Environments
Credit: IGN via YouTube

For the longest time, if you wanted to see what life was like as a full-time trucker, you had to head on over to American Truck Simulator. It’s one of the best series in terms of realism and authentic driving controls. A new game has entered the mix in SnowRunner. It takes a lot of successful elements found in American Truck Simulator and then adds in extreme conditions.

You’ll spend a lot of your hauls on icy roads where perils are waiting every mile you travel. It’s a brilliant design that a lot of gamers have really gotten behind. SnowRunner is now out on all major platforms, including the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Some reviews have started to come in and for the most part, they’re painting a great picture.

A lot of reviews are raving about its addicting difficulty. Starting out in SnowRunner, you won’t be able to just push through icy roads without a care in the world. There are actual mechanics you have to master and refined driving skills you’ll have to utilize time and time again. The methodical pace makes this game highly rewarding. After a couple of hauls on perilous roads, you feel like you’re actually gaining real-life trucking skills. Not a lot of games make you feel this way, so right off the bat, SnowRunner is a unique and compelling experience.

Even a couple of inches in snow can provide some tension and frustration. As a trucker, you’ll have to learn the different terrains. Not only that, but each vehicle performs differently. Some offer more torque and power and then others are better at turns. You’ll have to test out each vehicle in real time to see what adjustments are necessary based on the harsh elements the developer — Saber Interactive — throws your way.

Just when you think you have the hang of things, another obstacle is thrown your way. If you’ve ever seen the show Ice Road Truckers, the elements and obstacles the drivers on the show have to overcome are pretty much the same in SnowRunner. The open sandbox design also is garnering a lot of positive attention. When you’re not completing objectives for rewards, you can just explore the open-ended areas and put your trucking skills to the test. In this way, SnowRunner provides hours of fun content and you never feel like there is a dip in tension or action.