Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Is Now Live On PC

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Is Now Live On PC
Credit: IGN via YouTube

When you think of impactful games in the Call of Duty series, one that almost always stands out is Modern Warfare 2. Even still to this day, it’s talked about in a positive light thanks to its memorable campaign and epic multiplayer maps.

That’s why fans were so excited to see it get remastered, featuring new content and better graphics. It has been out for a couple of months now on the PS4, but just recently went live on PC. That’s great news if you enjoyed this first-person shooter back in the day and want to see how much better the remastered version can perform on PC. It’s available exclusively through

It’s important to note that the PC release does not include the multiplayer portion. That has displeased some COD fans, but it makes sense for the developer given that they’re main focus in terms of multiplayer is the latest Modern Warfare and Warzone. These games are amazing in terms of multiplayer so fans can certainly get their fix with either game.

Also, the latest Modern Warfare already has brought forth remastered classic maps — so it seems counterproductive for them to do the same with Modern Warfare 2. Even without multiplayer, this game has a lot of value. That’s particularity true if you’re looking to have an optimal campaign experience like never before.

Now on PC, you can enjoy improved textures and animations. They should further immerse you in the action, which centers around Task Force 141. This special task force unit is lead by Captain Soap MacTavish and they’re on the hunt for a leader of the Russian ultranationalist party named Vladimir Makarov. You get to experience different perspectives from various members on Task Force 141. Compared to other campaigns in the series, they have a lot of depth and are certainly easy to root for.

Vladimir is equally easy to root against. The developer did a good job at setting the story and making you care for the characters involved. There are also a lot of twists that will keep you glued to the screen, especially if you’re a fan of this franchise. And now that this game is available on the PC, you can have a definitive experience. It’s a great campaign all around. Whether you already have played this game or are checking it out for the first time, there is a lot to love and get behind right out of the gate.