Summer Game Fest: ‘It Will Be Like A Hub Or TV Guide Where You Can Watch All The Events From The Website’, Geoff Keighley

Summer Game Fest: ‘It Will Be Like A Hub Or TV Guide Where You Can Watch All The Events From The Website’, Geoff Keighley
Credit: thegameawards via YouTube

Yesterday, Geoff Keighley announced the Summer Game Fest, where developers and publishers normally showcase their games throughout the summer season in place of the presently paused Electronic Entertainment Expo, Gamescom, PAX, EGX, and others.

When announcing the Summer Game Fest partners, Xbox was mentioned starting with the Inside Xbox event scheduled on May 7th.


Also, during one of the usual Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, Geoff clearly stated that this would be only the first of the upcoming series of Xbox events set to take place during the Summer Game Fest.

If you missed the video reel, view below:

“Xbox is set to share more next week on their overall plans, but it’s confirmed that they’d have multiple events planned inside Summer Game Fest.”

Geoff Keighley explicitly clarified what Summer Games Fest would look like – hub, TV guide, or directory that helps keep track of all the various events covered and produced by several publishers and developers. Excluding the digital Gamescom 2020 opening event coming on August 24th where Geoff Keighley is the Host.

“Summer Game Fest; a central hub for all things related to game programming — everyone would be able to stream all the events live from the website and see a schedule/set reminders etc.

It will be a directory — we aren’t producing these events for publishers. But we’ll have some fun programming in the mix too!

This is a different approach — it’s not a show, but more of a TV guide to what’s happening. And we’ll have some unique programming inside of it with developers and LOTS of playable content for you at home too.”

Also, watch out for the playable content of the Sumer Game Fest, as Geoff explained and alongside with some Alpha and Beta tests assigned from AAA game titles.

“There will be playable content, and maybe some big surprises. There are also things like alpha and betas on big games. I would not expect that every major game is going to be doing a demo for you — maybe eventually, but also let’s be realistic about the world we are in right now. Work from home is challenging for studios, and they need to finish their games too. But I see a day when yes, all major games have playable trailers or slices.”

With that being said, as we get closer to the release of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PS 5 console, more games are being released, and some halted to be unveiled in the same timeframe as the release of the console.