World Of Warcraft: Classic Continues To Suffer Botting Issues As Fans Grow Irate

World Of Warcraft: Classic Continues To Suffer Botting Issues As Fans Grow Irate
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Blizzard’s rendition of Vanilla WoWWorld of Warcraft: Classic, has been an incredibly successful title since it’s release in late 2019. However, despite the popularity – or perhaps even because of it – there’s been plenty of issues that have arisen over the months.

One of the most dominant issues that we’ve been discussing is the rampant problems with bots. At any given moment, there are hundreds – maybe even thousands – of bots filling up the servers. Blizzard has been acknowledging the issue, and have been taking action to make sure that the problem is taken care of, but most players haven’t been able to tell much of a difference.

Blizzard’s original response to fix the issues was a strict ban system that was seeking out and immediately suspending players that were suspected of botting. It’s become commonplace for players to have multiple bots following them around as they farm, allowing them to appear as a playing character while still maintaining the benefits of having an entourage of bots following them around.

Unfortunately, the strict banning system seems to have failed to do much. This has been exacerbating multiple other issues with the game, namely the overpopulation issues that have been absolutely dominating much of the game recently.

With these two issues combined, there’s a horrible mix. Players not only are frustrated by not being able to sign on due to the bots clogging servers – sometimes thousands at a time – and once they do sign-on, they end up having areas filled with bots.

Additionally, this can end up having severe implications on a server’s economy. Bots constantly farm and can radically mess with the economy of a realm, as well as taking up incredibly rare materials, such as the Black Lotus herb that spawns in highly limited economies.

More than anything, players are just disappointed to see so many issues going around, as finally getting to play Classic has ended up plagued with a rampant bot issue. Much of this funds third-party websites that sell gold or other materials – a bannable offense.

As time goes on, Blizzard has been making progress – but it’s incredibly difficult to be able to actually see any of that progress. More and more problems pop up every day, and it seems like they’ve been mounting up lately.

At the same time, this shouldn’t take any credit away from Blizzard. They’ve been doing a great amount to keep the game running, and their work in keeping populations in check has been considerably more successful in the last month. Hopefully, as time goes on, they’ll be able to get the bot problem under control.