Sentinels’ Sinatraa Opens Up To Their Strats Following Their Quarterfinals Win In The First Strike: NA

Sentinels’ Sinatraa Opens Up To Their Strats Following Their Quarterfinals Win In The First Strike: NA
Credit: Nice Gaming FPS Central

In spite of being among the very best VALORANT groups in North America, Sentinels’ design can be difficult to explain. Jay “sinatraa” Won attempted anyhow. The group beat FaZe today and also progressed to the First Strike: North America semis.

The 20-year old discussed what makes Sentinels such a huge danger following their move over FaZe Clan in today’s First Strike: North America quarterfinals.

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“We have really good strats, but we create a bunch of chaos,” sinatraa said in an interview. “We have five players who all can make hero plays at any time. So there are always variables in any strat we do, whether it be a flank or a random push.”

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The previous Overwatch pro included that his group is unforeseeable since “anyone can pop off at any moment.” When any one of the pros sees an opening in the middle of the round, they take it.

While they might have smoothly beat FaZe, their semifinals pair up protests an 100 Thieves group that defeated them a month back in the NSG Closed Qualifier. Although sinatraa really did not intend to jinx his group, the professional depends on that they can manage any individual that enters their means. ” We’re definitely confident on whoever we play against, period,” he stated. “Honestly, we don’t really mind who we play.”

Before the Overwatch League, Won has played alongside the infamous Daniel “dafran” Francesca in the Selfless Gaming organization. Much like Sentinels’ strategies in their games, Selfless was known to wreak havoc on their opponents with spawn-camping even to the third point spawn, like in King’s Row. When the league was introduced, team owners and management were quick to write check to have sinatraa on their team. Though he wasn’t eligible to play right away due to age restrictions, he was known to receive $150,000 deal with the NRG Esports franchise.

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The young pro is known to be the OWL player who quit at the peak of his career. His team, the San Francisco Shock, has just won the league’s championship and sinatraa was named the Season MVP when he retired. When the Blizzard devs introduced role queue for the FPS game, top-rated competitive players, like sinatraa, were getting extremely long queue times, sometimes even up to an hour for a game. This was his main reason on retiring early for the OWL as he states that he is not having fun anymore.

Guards will certainly handle 100 Thieves tomorrow at 6 pm CT. The champion will certainly take place to the grand last for an opportunity at $40,000 as well as lots of boasting legal rights.