Riot Games Broke Down The Recent Popular Sona And Lux Bottom Lane In League Of Legends

Riot Games Broke Down The Recent Popular Sona And Lux Bottom Lane In League Of Legends
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

The bottom lane duo of Sona and Lux has become increasingly popular and has been seen in different tournaments all around the world.

To break down the pairing, Riot Games have released a video on Sona and Lux, explaining why it works in season 10.

Both champions should start with Spellthief’s edge. The reason that this combination works is due to both champions scaling especially well with gold and getting large power boosts once they are able to acquire their core items.

The video explains the increase in popularity of this bottom lane combination is due to the buff of Spellthief’s Edge in patch 10.15 and the nerf to the Guardian Keystone in 10.12. Another reason this change assisted in this bottom lane is due to the damage amount added before the effect triggers, changing it so it activates after any damage is dealt.

The video also explains the weaknesses to the lane and the best counter picks. Early in the game, the lane is going to be vulnerable due to both champions being low health. Counter-picking with Pyke or Bard are effective by being able to roam from lane early and create advantages elsewhere on the map. Blitzcrank is also an effective counter as he is able to single out a champion and pick off early kills. Sona’s been getting even more popular since her voiceover was announced to be updated.

Sona’s voiceover has remained the same since her release in 2010. Many League of Legends fans have asked Riot Games to update her lore and voice lines, but their pleas went unheard until today. The Maven of the Strings is finally getting a full VO rework.

One of the biggest reasons why people wanted a VO rework for Sona is that many of her lines are outdated. For example, she had a couple of lines that referenced the player as “summoner,” which is a concept that has been long removed from the game.

Sona also didn’t even have a lot of voice lines to begin with—only 15 lines existed with Sona actually speaking, while the rest of her taunts, jokes, and laughs consisted of various sounds and music from her instrument, the etwahl. Combined with a lack of updates for her own lore, Sona players felt like their champion was forgotten by Riot.

But this new update is coming at a great time for Sona fans. She is getting a voice over update with over 10 minutes of new interactions with different champions, and she is also getting a new legendary skin in the upcoming PsyOps cosmetic line.

She’s getting a lot of love in the labs at Riot and more playing time on Summoner’s Rift. Players in the professional League scene have recently started to break out the Sona-Lux bottom combination, to varying success rates. The LEC’s MAD Lions, for example, just picked up a dominant win over Origen with a Sona and Lux duo.