Revamp An RV In Story-Driven Simulator Camper Flipper Next Year

Revamp An RV In Story-Driven Simulator Camper Flipper Next Year
Credit: Camper Flipper via Steam

PlayWay S.A. and Forestlight Games have announced their latest simulation game, Camper Flipper is headed to PC next year. The game allows players to repair and rebuild camper vehicles and then take them on the road.

Camper Flipper takes full advantage of the beautiful outdoors. Players will start out repairing their RV in sunny weather conditions, and then driving on roads with scenic routes. Players will spend most of their time hard at work preparing their project for a long haul drive.

Players have the option to buy an old camper or completely renovate project behind their house. The repairs first start with sanding off the rust and getting rid of any parts that are completely unusable. From there, players will salvage and repaid whatever usable parts are still on the RV. If a large piece of the camper needs rebuilding, players can grab a piece of sheet metal, cut it to the right size, and then weld it in place.

Some items are more expensive than others to replace. Sometimes it’s better to invest in a vehicle part that can’t be repaired instead of spending long hours trying to fix it.

After the exterior and vehicle parts of the camper have been fixed, players can work on the inside. The interior will take more investment than the exterior, especially if players want to “glamp” instead of “camp.”

Some of the interior design options include a fridge, air conditioning, tv set, bedding, and more. It will take some creative planning to ensure everything fits and looks nice.

After the camper has been renovated, it’s time to take it on a test drive. Not all environments will have perfect roads. Depending on how well the player fixed up the camper, the camper may drive like a dream or a disaster. Fortunately, there’s plenty of space in the renovator’s backyard to test out most rocky roads.

Players don’t need to keep every camper they renovate. Once word gets out about the player’s repair skills, they may receive custom requests from clients. However, these requests are not easy, and some have peculiar demands. If successful, players can earn a large amount of money to use on another hobby.

Camper Flipper also has a few other interesting side distractions. One includes a hen house that needs plenty of work. Chickens have to be fed, cleaned up, and have their eggs collected. If players don’t care for the chickens, they’ll become so loud that they’ll distract everyone from their work. The other distraction is the player’s in-game wife. Although the developer says she can be ignored, players may need to help her out once in a while.

Camper Flipper is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam in 2021.