Rainbow Six Siege Is Having A Free Play Weekend That Includes All Modes And Maps

Rainbow Six Siege Is Having A Free Play Weekend That Includes All Modes And Maps
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

It’s always nice when a major AAA is opened up to a free play weekend. It gives many more gamers the chance to see what they’ve been missing, whether it’s an action-adventure game or RPG. Well, if you’ve held out on purchasing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, this weekend is your chance to take it out for a free spin.

Ubisoft is in the giving spirit it seems, which is great for gamers all around the world. It won’t be a limited access to Rainbow Six Siege, either. Rather, all modes and maps will be available from March 5 to March 8. That’s three long days to see what this tactical shooter is all about. All you have to do is visit one of these three platforms: Steam, Uplay, and Epic Games Store.

Rainbow Six Siege is more than your average FPS. It involves a lot of coordination and tactical thinking. Rather than just outgunning your opponents with a shoot first ask questions later approach, you have to carefully plan out your attack or defense.

The matches feature 5v5 battles of attackers and defenders. Both sides deal with a bevvy of obstacles. For example, if you’re on the attacking side, you have to figure out the best path of entry into buildings. Going the wrong path can result in costly time wasted and your team’s demise. That’s right. One well-placed door barricade could be all that’s needed to come out victorious.

The added difficulty and strategy just further immerses you in each battle, which not a lot of games of this genre have at the moment. Rainbow Six Siege also shines with its operator selection. Each operator has a unique set of attributes that makes gameplay very distinct. For example, if you like sitting back and scoping out your attack, there’s an operator with special sniping abilities. Or if you’re on the defensive side, you can choose an operator that has special resources to deal with drones.

There’s an operator for every type of situation, it seems. That design alone should give you plenty to play around with during this free play weekend. Even the maps have a lot of variety to them. Most of them foster close quarters combat, but that’s great because the action is always dialed up to an eleven.

Now truly is the best time to test out Rainbow Six Siege. It has gotten progressively better since launch thanks to the many refinements and balances Ubisoft have made in response to community feedback.