Professional League Of Legends Player Voyboy Speaks Out On Horrid State Of The Game’s Current Solo Queue

Professional League Of Legends Player Voyboy Speaks Out On Horrid State Of The Game’s Current Solo Queue
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

Throughout its history, League of Legends has had a good bit of trouble when it comes to a community. The majority of players seem to have a consensus that the community is one of extreme toxicity, and one of the major tips for new players tends to be “mute everyone the second the game starts.”

One of the interesting things about the community is that the toxicity doesn’t just sit in the lower levels, but stretches up to the highest tier of play. One professional player recently took to Twitter to speak out – again – on the horrible community and the impact it’s having on the game.

Voyboy, a professional League of Legends player and streamer, posted a video on his Twitter today discussing the incredible and ever-growing toxicity that fills the community. Voyboy mentions the recent growth in a more toxic player base to the point of the game being virtually unplayable at most levels, especially his, where the community of players is considerably smaller.

“It’s just been getting worse and worse and worse every year, and I think that there’s a lot of factors that have contributed to this over time,” Voyboy states, regarding the last five months of season 10 that he’s been playing as the worst period of play in his life. He even mentions going to Riot Headquarters itself and discussing the issues of toxicity in 2018 with a few Riot representatives, and that it would soon be reaching a critical mass.

“I have had absolutely the most miserable, worst experience of my life – and I’m not the only one. I’ve talked to a lot of streamers, a lot of pros, and almost everyone is agreeing with me,” Voyboy states. That part certainly seems true, as one of the first responses is from Yiliang Peng – also known as Doublelift – one of the most legendary players in the LCS. There’s a bit of profanity in Doublelift’s response, so we can’t post it here, but suffice to say that the pro agrees with Voyboy entirely.

“Riot has really made it clear through their actions… that they don’t really care. If they did care, they would’ve done something by now. They would’ve addressed these problems as they’ve been building up,” Voyboy continues. It seems, according to him, that the primary issue is Riot refusing to properly punish people that grief or intentionally feed, and Voyboy mentions that he runs into the same problematic players again and again.

All in all, Voyboy’s statements are a sad and true remark on the game’s current state. It’s hard to believe that Riot will actually do something to address the issues, as they’ve been present for an extended period of time, but hopefully, Voyboy’s words will start enough of a momentum to force action.