Preorders Close Tomorrow For Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Ellie From The Last Of Us: Part 2

Preorders Close Tomorrow For Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Ellie From The Last Of Us: Part 2
Credit: Good Smile Company Website

Naughty Dog recently released The Last of Us: Part 2, the latest installment in the series. Players may have already completed the title, but merchandise companies are hard at work launching complementing products.

Japanese-based company Good Smile Company has recently announced its first The Last of Us related product. Ellie, who appeared as a major character in the first game and starred in the sequel, is receiving the Nendoroid treatment. The Nendoroid is based on her appearance in The Last of Us: Part 2.

Ellie comes with two face places with a standard expression and angry shout. She is also packaged with weapons from the game, such as a handgun, bow and arrow, machete, and brick. Additional hand accessories are included to hold each item.

Nendoroid Ellie can’t stand on her own because of the way the figure is designed, but a clear base is included. Players can pose Ellie in a variety of ways thanks to the sturdy base. The figure is approximately 3.94 inches tall.

Nendoroid Ellie isn’t the first mini-figure based on the character. Funko has also launched a figure of Ellie but is in a single pose. Previously released was a statue of Ellie with her bow and arrow, but has since sold out on the PlayStation Gear Store.

Although many items are now sold out on the store, fans can get a glimpse at some of the previously launched items. Some of the more expensive merchandise include a GS Mini Guitar and a replica of Ellie’s Taylor 314ce guitar.

The release of Nendoroid Ellie immediately made fans question if more The Last of Us characters are on the way. In the comments section of the preorder page, fans began to ask if Joel was planned in the future. Good Smile Company’s plans are unknown.

Good Smile Company has a US-based store for those living in the country or in Canada. Those purchasing from Japan will likely see delays since the country has temporarily suspended some types of shipments outside the country.

The preorder time is running out for those who want to purchase Nendoroid Ellie. With popular characters, the Nendoroids sell out quickly and may not be offered again. But, Good Smile Company does re-release some characters if there’s enough fan demand.

Preorders for Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid The Last of Us: Part 2 Ellie end on August 19.