Overwatch Fans Can Now Add A Nendoroid Jumbo Figure Of D․Va’s MEKA To Their Collection

Overwatch Fans Can Now Add A Nendoroid Jumbo Figure Of D․Va’s MEKA To Their Collection
Credit: Good Smile Company Website

Blizzard and Good Smile Company are once again teaming up to launch another Overwatch Nendoroid. Following the launch of Nendoroid D.Va from Overwatch comes a jumbo Nendoroid of her mech MEKA. The Jumbo figure and be displayed beside D.Va, but the pair are not packaged together.

The gigantic Nendoroid is around 20 cm in height, which is around eight inches tall. MEKA has its classic skin appearance and was carefully recreated to replicate the in-game version. The MEKA does not stand on its own but comes with a black stand. At the base of the stand is D.Va’s logo.

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Jumbo MEKA features several points of articulation so players can create scenes from the game. Inside of the pilot’s seat is a smaller, non-removable version of D.Va, so she can be “seen” piloting MEKA from almost every angle.

MEKA has a hatch in the back that opens up. While the full-sized D.Va Nendoroid can’t fit inside, players can create the moments that D.Va summons a new mech or jumps out right before the mech self-destructs. Fans can also pose other Overwatch heroes with the giant mech.

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Good Smile Company has worked with Blizzard several times to recreate figures of the Overwatch heroes. Players can find almost every hero recreated as either a Nendoroid or a Figma character. The company previously announced a Figma of D.Va wearing her academy uniform.

As for Nendoroid D.Va, the figure was previously released in July 2018. The figure was very popular and sold out. Thankfully, the company has decided to re-release the Nendoroid Classic Skin D.Va for her second re-printing. The Nendoroid will look exactly like the previous model and come with all of the accessories as the first edition. D.Va’s re-release is scheduled to ship in June 2021. The jumbo MEKA is currently available to pre-order, but fans should be warned the toy costs almost double what normal Nendoroids are priced at.

Both Nendoroids will end their pre-orders on the same date of January 14, so fans can place their orders at the same time. However, D.Va launches one day before MEKA, so fans will have to wait one month for them to ship together.

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Pre-orders are open now on the Good Smile Company US website and authorized retailers.

Nendoroid MEKA is scheduled to ship in July 2021.