Nintendo And LEGO Super Mario Announces New Sets Are Coming Next Year

Nintendo And LEGO Super Mario Announces New Sets Are Coming Next Year
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Nintendo and LEGO have announced a new lineup of Super Mario toys are coming in the future. The first set of toys were initially launched this past Summer. The toys combined the lovable Super Mario characters plus some animated and sound effect features.

A new video from the company has revealed some of the upcoming toys. The content was in Japanese but is expected to launch outside of the country, similar to the initial launch. The new toys are expected to be released in January.

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Seven new lineups will be added to the Super Mario LEGO set. The first set that Nintendo introduced was a “Course Master” challenge. The special set contains new features that will change up the gameplay, even with the previously released Super Mario LEGO sets.

Custom Machines are customizable pieces. Players can decide to use a custom item block or time block that is included with the set. The customizable items allow players more freedom in how they create their courses. Maybe one block contains a poisonous mushroom that scares their opponent or a big bonus if players make it to the end of the course.

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A new bright yellow pipe will be added to the set. Set Mario on the pipe, and a 30-second countdown will begin. Players can create more time-sensitive courses. But, Mario may have the chance to collect more time if he makes it past certain obstacles.

Three expansion sets were announced and share the theme of “Poison Swamp” in the jungle. The sets can be enjoyed alone or combined together to create a large swamp for Mario to run through.

Additional enemies will be added that can be combined with other sets. New enemies include Piranha Plants, Chain Chomp, Wiggler, plus the floating Koopa Paratrooper.

New character packs include ten additional characters as well. They include Spiny Cheep Cheep, Foo, Ninji, Propeller Shy Guy, Poison Mushroom, Huckit Crab, Parabeetle, Paragoomba, Thimphu, and Bone Goomba. The enemy character packs are random, so there’s a chance of receiving a duplicate enemy.

Mario also receives additional costumes as part of the “Power-Up Pack.” Mario will gain new abilities depending on what costume he wears. They include Penguin Mario and Raccoon Mario.

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The new lineup of LEGO Super Mario toys is expected to launch in early January.