Open Wheel Racing Is The Latest Event In Grand Theft Auto Online That’s Available Right Now

Open Wheel Racing Is The Latest Event In Grand Theft Auto Online That’s Available Right Now
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

If you’re looking for an open sandbox full of possibilities, Grand Theft Auto Online is probably where you would head. It’s full of endless possibilities. From competing with rival gangs to enjoying a bevvy of mini-events, GTA Online is always delivering amazing experiences that GTA fans can’t seem to get enough of.

GTA Online is a huge reason why GTA 5 has sold so well commercially. Rockstar really nailed down its design, and it doesn’t seem like they’re planning to stop making improvements any time soon. They’re at it again. This time, it’s a racing event titled Open Wheel Racing. It’s currently live right now.

Looking at the announcement trailer, this mode was inspired by Formula One racing. We see single-manned supercars hitting the tracks at blazing speeds. They zip around corners with extreme precision, which is exactly what you find in today’s F1 racing industry.

Based on these early impressions, Open Wheel Racing looks like a competent F1 experience that should give you a whole new way to race with friends and foes. The two cars coming with the update look amazing. These include the Ocelot R88 and the Progen PR4. They are currently available for purchase through the Legendary Motorsport store. Looking at their visuals, both seem very aerodynamic. They will certainly be a pleasure taking out on the tracks.

You don’t have to keep their stock parts either. Rockstar will let you customize their tires, spoilers, and even engines. All you have to do is drive through Los Santos Customs. You should have no trouble fine-tuning these already impressive machines to your liking.

After some adjustments, you’ll be ready to hit the tracks. There are a couple available right now, which are designed differently to keep the racing gameplay fresh. If you’ve ever wanted to hit high speeds and feel like a total racing professional, Open Wheel Racing is just the update for you.

Rockstar never ceases to amaze its fanbase in the content department. They constantly strive to put out updates that give players more to look forward to. That was pretty clear with their Diamond Casino & Resort DLC. It’s a full-blown casino featuring some of the most iconic gambling activities, including poker and slots.

With all of these updates, it wouldn’t be surprising to see GTA Online go on to thrive for many more years to come. That’s a great thing as Rockstar takes its time with the next upcoming project, possibly GTA 6.