Monster Hunter: World Has Begun Their Holiday Joy Fest Today With Two Events

Monster Hunter: World Has Begun Their Holiday Joy Fest Today With Two Events
Credit: Capcom

Monster Hunter: World is a fantastic title that has successfully brought the Monster Hunter franchise out of the older era an into dazzling new graphics and immersive worlds, thanks in large part to it being the first title sold outside of Nintendo’s domain, stretching in that PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even PC.

While it’s taken its fair share of lumps, all seemingly centered around the wildly botched update that was the Iceborne expansion finally coming to PC, it seems that the majority of the issues have been fixed. We’re all back to cutting up monsters in the hopes that we can use a few of the pieces from its corpse to build ourselves a shiny new trinket.

It’s perhaps a little self-serving and a bit on the brutish side, but you should see the new weapon I crafted using one of their spines!

The newest event is once again split into two tiers, dependant on whether or not you have the Iceborne expansion; owners of the base game only will experience the Winter Fest yet again.  If you do have Iceborne, however, you get to join in the Cool Kids Club, and experience the happiness that is the Holiday Joy Fest!

For simply logging in to the game during the Holiday Joy Fest (which runs from now until March 12th), you’ll get an event ticket, as is the norm.  The current tickets are called Joyful Tickets, which can be used for a wide variety of crafting or for an exchange like a currency.

For hunting during the Holiday Joy Fest, you’ll receive the VIP Joyful Tickets (standard Capcom naming conventions are well in play here) which you can also craft or exchange, resulting in a more premium item exclusive to the event.  Wearing the standard Oolong Armor that you can get from Joyful Tickets is the best way to ensure that your monster hunts result in more VIP Joyful Tickets; as in events past, a successful hunt gives a drop chance instead of a guaranteed drop.

As expected, through the event the gatherings hubs will be festively themed with lanterns strewn about, colors on display, and a generally merry sort of time will everyone hurries to grind out the event armors before it’s too late.  The Winter Star Fest will also have a lower variety of items available, and both events will prominently feature special quests and events to undertake.

At least there are still some events ongoing that won’t be canceled.