Ooblets Will Release Its Full Version 1.00B In September

Ooblets Will Release Its Full Version 1.00B In September
Credit: pcgamer

Ooblets will officially launch on September 1st, 2022, after spending two years in early access and six years in development.

It combines creature-collecting, farming, and life simulation with a quirky plot and a tonne of eccentric characters to meet in the fancifully relaxed and adorable Ooblets. The independent developer/publisher team Glumberland is responsible for the strange adventure.

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We followed Ooblet’s progress with utter excitement as it revealed ever-cuter creatures. Some were lured in by the game’s agricultural mechanics, some by the dancing fights, and yet more by its wacky use of the English language.

Les Ooblettes, as they are known in French, are among the top PC Pokemon-style creature gathering games even in their early access stage. According to Rachel Watts in our Early Access preview, “Ooblets is for you if you’re looking for a Pokémon game that’s also an agricultural and life sim.”

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“Building a team of several ooblets with unique skills will attract Pokémon players, and every single oob is as cute as a button. The game’s life-simulation features are also fun if you become bored with all the dance wars. You can establish a farming empire, mingle with the locals, and fill your house with hipster furnishings.

All of these items took countless hours of her time to complete, she noted of the Early Access release.

The complete release is expected to contain new locales, missions, and the resolution to the primary Ooblets plot. Ooblets’ cute-yet-funny characters are what I found to be the most alluring, so if you’re like me and have been holding off since the Early Access launch, 1.0 will probably be your place to start.

Ooblets’ complete release will be available on the Epic Store in September. Additionally, systems like Switch and Xbox will get it. Despite having a page on Steam, Ooblets doesn’t appear to be part of the September launch. At a later time, anticipate it there.