Recent Developer Updates Suggests Farm-Life Sim Ooblets Most Likely Get An Early Access Release

Recent Developer Updates Suggests Farm-Life Sim Ooblets Most Likely Get An Early Access Release

The most recent update from the game developer shows off a huge balloon, Gotsapon tokens, and settings menu.

Many fans are anticipating the release of the endearing farm-life simulation game Ooblets. They are wondering when the actual release will be.

Surprisingly, the game creator, Rebecca Cordingley herself, is also asking the same question.

In the most recent development blog, Cordingley mentioned that though things are coming along as planned. However, mentioned that she is also uncertain of the actual release date.

Game writer and designer Ben Wasser believes that they’re getting closer that’s why no one talked about release dates yet.

Cordingley added that she thinks they’ll be revealing more details about it in the preceding post.

Despite this uncertainty, she ended her post by confirming that they’re most likely doing an early access game launch.

The update is showcasing a sophisticated settings menu that allows players to adjust graphics quality, audio, input device, and resolution. In terms of graphics quality, it seems like “Tatertoot” is considered an option.

No one can say, however, whether this is good or bad. Debris like weeds and rocks can also be cleared. This can be done since starting fields were added with resources to allow clearance. Now, players can win Gotsapon tokens after clearing the town up.

Most, if not all, of the game starter recipes, are in their proper places. Even the Pantsabear Hill work has been halted.

Cordingley explained that they realized that the game has numerous conceptual issues concerning its design and plot.

As such, they have decided to replace the same in region progression with a brand new script. This new script is being complemented with old favorite regions.

They also added a shrunken hot air balloon which is there for some important reasons.

According to Cordingley, they also added a plethora of big things that are currently under construction. These include the following:

● Finishing the achievement and badges system of the game
● Added four new system introductions involving quests, scripts, and more
● Balance dance steps
● Improving the game’s main menu
● Friendship unlocks
● Universal Windows build
● The certification process for Xbox

Cordingley explained further than although their development is quite open, they’re leaving a few things they finished out of their devlog.

This means that these things will be exciting and new to fans when the game is finally released.

To date, Cordingley said that there are already a few Ooblets that fans haven’t seen yet!