Oculus Is Pushing For Better Gaming Content For Their New Oculus Quest VR Headset

Oculus Is Pushing For Better Gaming Content For Their New Oculus Quest VR Headset
Credit: Lyncconf Games via Flickr (license)

Virtual reality is an intriguing market in the gaming sector, especially as of late. There are so many quality headsets being produced from top companies. One company in particular that is revolutionizing the VR industry is Oculus. Ever since coming into creation back in 2012, Oculus has made great strides in improving VR technology.

Their upcoming model is the Oculus Quest. It’s set to be much faster than the Oculus Go, which was one of the most popular VR headsets to ever hit the market. The latest edition will get an upgraded chip with better cooling. This should lead to some incredible performance enhancements.

Additionally, the Oculus Quest will cut the cords. The only things required to play VR will be the Oculus headset and some controls. This opens up VR gaming to so many more possibilities. It doesn’t look like Oculus is stopping with a better design and performance either. Apparently, they’re ramping up the type of content that gamers can get when immersed in virtual reality environments.

In a recent blog post, Chris Pruett — Director of Content at Oculus VR — spoke on the upcoming content standards regarding their latest headset. He went on to say, ‘’In addition to making a great VR headset, we feel a strong responsibility to make the Quest VR content ecosystem successful for both developers and players.’’

He added, ‘’The Rift ecosystem has taught us that VR players respond to titles that have polish, substance, and depth, whether they are built by AAA game studios or talented indies. We hope that when players get into their Oculus Quest headset, their library showcases the innovation, sophistication, and development talent that exists in VR today, and inspires future developers. ‘’

Ever since VR was first introduced to the masses, there has been a ton of content. Not every game has been up to standards, though. Some are rattled with performance issues, while others don’t really immerse the user in a captivating environment. It’s nice to see Oculus taking a more quality over quantity approach to upcoming VR titles.

They seemed hyper-focused on games that actually sell amongst the gaming community. They’re not just doing it to make a quick buck, either. They want to give passionate gamers the best VR experiences that their latest technology can provide. This is certainly commendable.

Hopefully, more VR companies follow suit. It could lead to some amazing games in the VR sector.