Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Ream Heads To Nintendo Switch This Fall

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Ream Heads To Nintendo Switch This Fall
Credit: Oceanhorn via YouTube

Cornfox and Brothers’ Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is soon headed to the Nintendo Switch. The game was previously released as an exclusive title on the Apple Arcade subscription game service in September 2019.

Oceanhorn 2 is a direct sequel of Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas that launched in 2013. The games take inspiration from The Legend of Zelda with gameplay that takes place on the water, land, and within various ruins.

The sequel isn’t a direct sequel to the first game but takes place one thousand years before its events. The player is taken to the world of Gaia, which contains several hidden mysteries and lore to explore. A young Knight is sent on an adventure to unite the Owrus, Gillfolk, and men against Warlock Mesmeroth and the Dark Army.

Oceanhorn 2 also has two additional characters joining the fight, so the Knight isn’t fighting by himself. Trin, the granddaughter of Arcadia’s leader Archimedes, and Gen, a mysterious robot wielding an old samurai weapon, are an important part of the battle. Players direct these two fighters with contextual commands in either battle or to solve puzzles.

Oceanhorn 2 contains around 20 hours of gameplay. An updated version added the Shield of Chronos and Criminal Hunt expansions, which included side quests, weapons, and a new dungeon to explore. The RPG may have been too long for some to complete on an Apple device, but soon players can play it on handheld mode on a Switch screen or connected to a tv.

The official news post from the developer states that the game was always made with console standards in mind. The game will be optimized further for Switch so players can take full advantage of the consoles. The upcoming release will include all of the improvements from other platforms, as well.

The game is currently only planned as a digital download release. The news post did not mention any news relating to a possible physical port. However, Limited Run Games did produce 7,000 physical copies for the first game and have long been sold out. It’s unknown if the developer will release the sequel in a similar fashion.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm launches on the Nintendo Switch this Fall. The Apple Arcade version is available now.