Nvidia Said To Release GTX 1650 Super To Compete With AMD’s Radeon RX 5500

Nvidia Said To Release GTX 1650 Super To Compete With AMD’s Radeon RX 5500
Credit: Boot Sequence via YouTube

Earlier this week, it was rumored that Nvidia will be launching GTX 1660 Super on Oct. 29. Apart from that, the company is also said to be gearing up for the release of GT 1650’s super version. If these were true, the latter super version is set to arrive on Nov. 22.

No further details have been revealed about the clock speed or configuration of GTX 1660’s GPU yet. However, as pointed out in VideoCardz’s report, the super version will sport a GDDR6 memory, similar to GTX 1650’s.

The said memory is said to run at a highly efficient speed of 12,000 MHz. Given a 128-bit memory interface, this means that it has a 192 Gbps memory bandwidth. This is highly impressive, considering that this super version has the same memory bandwidth as GTX 1660. Its memory capacity is reported to be just like that of GTX 1650’s 4GB capacity.

Specifications of Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Super Version

GTX 1660 Super’s GDDR6 memory is expected to have a huge impact on the device’s performance. The GGRD5 memory can already run at an efficient 8,000 MHz speed. The GDDR6 configuration, on the other hand, is expected to run at an impressive 14,000 MHz speed.

This small upgrade in memory already raised the memory clock by 75 percent. And since both cards run at a 192-bit memory interface, its memory bandwidth also increased by 75 percent. This upgraded the speed from 192 GB per second to 336 GB per second. This number is way higher compared to GTX 1660 Ti with 288 GB per second bandwidth.

Nvidia: Pressured to Release a Super Version

Many speculate that Nvidia has been severely pressured to release a “super version” considering that all its competitors released one. Aside from that, many also believe that Nvidia is preparing to compete with AMD’s Radeon Rx 5500.

AMD’s latest graphics card is yet to be released, but many believe that it will come out this year. Though its pricing and other details are yet to be revealed, it’s expected to put Nvidia under serious pressure.

According to critics, increasing the memory bandwidth of GTX 1650 won’t be enough to compete with Radeon Rx 5500. So, it won’t be surprising if GTX 1650’s Super will upgrade its GPU performance with a small price increase.

Since nothing has been confirmed as of now, the best thing to do is to wait. Whether or not these rumors are true, everyone will find out in the next few weeks.