Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Expansion Pack Releases In January On The PC According To Announcement Trailer

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Expansion Pack Releases In January On The PC According To Announcement Trailer
Credit: Arekkz Gaming via YouTube

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has been a tremendous expansion pack from Capcom. It can be considered a full-fledged Monster Hunter experience in its own right, featuring new and returning monsters as well as icy landscapes to bare. The expansion has now been out on consoles since January. Players seem to be loving what has been offered.

It has gotten PC players excited about the expansion coming to their platform too. According to recent reports from Capcom, it’s coming to PC on January 9th. That’s just about a couple of months away, but at least there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. To celebrate this official announcement, Capcom put out an announcement trailer.

Although the PC version will pretty much have the same things as the console expansion, the graphics look to be dialed up a notch. The frozen landscapes are beautiful and the icy monsters seem more detailed than ever before. If you’re a fan of the base game, this expansion is a must-own update on the PC.

It’s quite amazing to contemplate the sheer size of the map in Iceborn. It’s the largest area in all of the base game, in fact. As you  brave the winter elements — moving past fog and chilling mountains — you’ll come across an amazing variety of monsters. Some are fan-favorites and have surfaced in previous installments before, while others are completely new and provide this game with a fresh coat of paint.

Every monster encounter is just as great as the next. It’s great to see Capcom really put their resources into making new monsters revolved around the icy themes incorporated all throughout these majestic lands. You even have the chance to go toe to toe with an elder dragon, Namielle. You’ll need to be on your A game to take it down with any success.

Like the base game, there are so many weapons and incredible loot to collect. However, the process of acquiring gear — such as armor — seems streamlined. Capcom seems to want players to acquire great items fast as to stand a chance against the more difficult monsters in this game.

Even the story is just as great in Iceborn as it is in the base game. You’re essentially going around finding out what events have unleashed these monsters. Being able to take part in these journeys on the PC sounds like a recipe for memorable moments and addicting combat.